Simone Agoussoye
Washington, DC born artist, Simone Agoussoye, has been honing her skills in portrait artistry for the past several years. Known for her creative depictions of people - most often icons in music, pop culture, history and the arts - Simone blends her traditional skill in portraiture with fresh, unique and unconventional techniques transforming her from a realistic fine artist to more of a contemporary artist.
IG: @simone_agoussoye
Twitter: @simoneagoussoye
Facebook: simoneagoussoye
Will Salha
Washington D.C. based Will Salha has been perfecting his skills in impressionism ever since he was very young; his art style is born from the womb of his younger years, where he grew up in a small town in Lebanon -Raselmatn- with beautiful nature and scenery. His art captures and appreciates  the small things in life, like a calm spring evening in the shade of a tree, or portraits of famous people that inspire him with his remarkable use of bold color that captures feelings so perfectly, you’d feel exactly what he wants you to feel. 

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